Volunteer sign ups are now open

Volunteer Job Assignments

are now OPEN!


So much is going on right now and we are getting closer to our first meet.  Be sure to check your email everyday!  Did I say check your email everyday? yes, yes I did! 

Also to stay "in the know"  survey our website and click to the right on Recent News to get the most recent emails sent out.

Job assignments are now OPEN! 

If you want to read a description of a particular job, put your cursor on Schedule.  Next, lick on Volunteers. 

In past years, we have had an awesome amount of parents sign up for volunteering. Let's keep the tradition going strong this season! 

Remember, during Registration you were informed that you must sign up for at least four meets per family during the season.

To sign up, click on the Schedule tab at top. Next click Job sign up under the meet you wish to sign up. You will have to login. There you can choose the job you want. If you forgot your password, click on forgot password and reset your password

Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Thank you and Go Stingrays!

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