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The Cedar Creek Swim & Racquet Club Board and the Stingrays Swim Council focuses all year on building a summer program based on team unity, character development and family support directly tied to our community.

Cedar Creek Swim Team's main purpose is to give children an opportunity to participate in organized swimming. The primary emphasis is in individual improvement and achievement. Sportsmanship is emphasized for all participants, children, and adults.

We work to ensure that every child gains the life skill of swimming, has the opportunity to compete at their highest level and we are committed to providing healthy competition in an encouraging environment.

Our number one priority is creating engagement because we know that if kids stick with it, sports help develop grit, resiliency, integrity, empathy, respect and other non-tangibles that piggyback success. When young swimmers work through our process and embrace the struggle to overcome a dive, a flip turn or any new skill that moves them forward, that feeling of accomplishment and confidence is intoxicating. And, athletes learn to want more of that.

"These kids are not robots, who simply need programming and technical practice. They are human beings. They are individuals who do not so easily conform to a one size fits all road map. They do not develop in a linear fashion. They need interest, motivation, persistence and enjoyment. We can never, ever forget that within each stage of long term athletic development, we must focus every day on short term athlete engagement." - Dr. Jean Cote for Change the Game Project

For more information about how we have kept summers fun since 1974, please contact us by email or connect with us on Facebook.

CCSRC President - Ron Larkin (Board and Council Member)

CCSRC VP of Pool - Richard Thomas (Board and Council Member)

Head Coach - David Reason

Swim Council

  • Catherine & Justin Bishop
  • Amy & Rob Maresca
  • Rachel & Jonathan McCright

Manager - Catherine Bishop (Council Member)

Treasurer & Concessions - Amy Maresca (Council Member)

Volunteers - Rachel McCright (Council Member)

Database Administrator Coordinator - Daniel Boyer

Website- Tony ScalziĀ 

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