Welcome to Summer Swim all you Stingrays!

What a joy it was to reconnect with or meet so many of you this evening!  Wasn't it a great practice?  Special thanks for getting us started with new swimmer evals this past Saturday and to all our coaches for a job well done tonight!

The following info is super important so please read to the end so you will be in the know and you wont look silly when we say, "Did you read the email" :)

  • Practices are scheduled for 10 and unders from 5-6pm.  New swimmers may finish a bit early because that water is really cold if you aren't quite swimming yet.  This means that parents for this group, must not drop off their children!  This is a safety issue, so please help us keep your baby ray safe!
  • Please sign up for REMIND texts and messages for up to the minute info when needed.  Text @697gfd to 81010
  • I love how eager everyone has been about signing up for volunteering positions.  Word at the pool today was that the VOLUNTEER tab on the website will be open sometime tomorrow. If you have younger swimmers, try to pick first half and if you have older swimmers second.
  • The Mock Meet is scheduled for next Monday, but this does not mean there will not be practice.  We want to get our amazing Stingray swimmers in the water as much as we can so we are ready for our competition at our first meet! We will have practice!
  • Many of you have asked about Monday and Wednesday night practices after school is out.  First, please know that the pool is open during that time to members of the club and the team is only given one lane and limited coaches are available. (Notice our practice schedule works around the pool time for members) These practices are for parents who work during the day or swimmers who have a week of camp or VBS or something similar.  If you are attending regular morning practices, these aren't for you swimmer.  Please email us at [email protected] with your swimmer's name and the dates you plan to attend.  We have to keep numbers low, so first come first served.
  • Parking, oh parking!!! Don't be like me!  If there are no more spaces available,  please park along the street in the neighborhood, on the right hand side, past the pool entrance.  It will be a bit more of a walk but you'll feel like you did something while watching your child swim!

It was such a pleasure to meet you all and I am really excited that my favorite time of the year is officially here!  Let's Go Stingrays!

This is for y'all that think swim ain't a sport... Go to one swim practice and tell me it ain't a sport

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